Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Still Rock 'n' Roll To Me....

...or it might be jazz or classical or...well, some kind of music! I have loved, LOVED music for as long as I can remember so I quite enjoyed this Journaling Junkie challenge. Rather than making a list of favorite cd's or something like that, I journaled about music makes me feel. And it makes me feel a lot. I can get totally lost in a song. For someone that lives in her head quite often, music is a wonderful escape from my worries and stresses. What does music do for you?


Linda Beeson said...

I love your mix of papers! Cute!

Shayne said...

Hi Nicole,

Could not find your email address so am using your comment form. I am running JJ whilst Stef is away and i have not received at LO for #76. If you have one to submit, please send it to me @ so that i can get it in the queue.

If not, pls just let me know.

Thanks so much. Shayne